1: Nightbringer - Ego Dominus Tuus

2014-12-26 02:44:17 by johan

Ego Dominus Tuus Nightbringer is another band I've followed since their inception, and they've never done me wrong. Every release simply gets better and better. Last year's EP Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno was just two songs but those two songs where better than what most bands produce in a lifetime. This year they return with a full length and they do not disappoint. An absolutely crushing release of complex black metal that they do best. Immediately it's clear what you're listening to, they've got a sound like no other, and there is never mistaking a Nightbringer riff. This is a tour de force which few can match but if only a few tried the music scene would be all the richer for it.



2: Nightbringer / Dødsengel - Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno

2013-12-23 03:45:56 by johan

Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno Nightbringer is an old favourite whom I've followed since their 2005 split Rex Ex Ordine Throni, while I've had differing opinions on their releases over the years there is no denying they always bring something challenging to the listener. Once the first track gets going after a lengthy intro and build up it does not cease, absolutely relentless complex black metal, with that special sound which right away identifies this Nightbringer. It's on the second track they really shine though, perhaps a bit simpler and more straightforward it's an absolute ripper of a song, which currently tops my list of most played songs of the year. Dødsengel is a band I've had less exposure to, only having heard 2010's Alongside Chorozon and while it's a decent release it didn't impress me. What change a few years does, the two tracks presented here are vastly superior flowing beautifully together and clocking in at an impressive 17 minutes total. For anybody who likes complex and challenging black metal this is the must have release of the year.


Nightbringer   Dødsengel

9: Nightbringer - Apocalypse Sun

2010-12-06 10:58:49 by johan

Apocalypse Sun I remember hearing Nightbringer first on the 2005 split with Temple of Not, well they fell off my radar but reappeared this year with their second album. This album is a bit of an anomaly for me while it features some pretty fast guitar picking, but on the whole the songs are slow, long and repetitive. There are riffs that feel like they go on forever with little or no variation. At the same time it has charm, and is an intriguing album, you easily get drawn in as it sweeps you away.