Subject: 1: Nightbringer - Terra Damnata From: .jh Date: 2017-12-20T12:06:57Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2017 Nightbringer Terra\ Damnata 2017 ![Terra Damnata](/gfx/627921.jpg) Naas Alcameth is a busy guy, not only did he put out the Bestia Arcana album, two weeks later he drops the new Nightbringer, and last year Akhlys. Further he apparently has a deathmetal band which also released an album in 2017 (which I've yet to hear), I need a breather just thinking about it all, how he pulls it off I don't know, all I know is it's a fairly impressive output. As if that wasn't enough the things he puts out aren't just average or even good, they're often spectacular. Like list toppingly so. Which brings us to the new Nightbringer, if you're familiar with their previous output this will be familiar territory, just faster, tighter, and all out more impressive than last time. They've polished up the sound, making everything all the much clearer since 2014's _Ego Dominus Tuus_, which fits the playing perfectly. Pulling no punches As Wolves Amongst Ruins explodes out the gate, going balls to the wall for close to six minutes of complex blasting black metal that Nightbringer does best. As the track ends it leads straight into one of the albums absolute highlight, Misrule, the complete riffing chaos on top of Menthor's blastbeats are just a feast for sore ears. The album goes on like this, there are a few slower tracks, but overall expect just under an hour of perfectly constructed chaos. I think I said it best in my closing remarks last they graced my list: _This is a tour de force which few can match but if only a few tried the music scene would be all the richer for it._, that sentiment hasn't changed, blackmetal needs more Nightbringers. [Nightbringer]( ---