Subject: 5: Slow - Abîmes I From: .jh Date: 2023-12-19T14:16:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2023 Slow 2023 ![Abîmes I](/gfx/1179097.jpg) There are few more apt names for a funeral doom band than Slow (non-withstanding that in this case it's an acronym for Silence Lives Out/Over Whirlpool according to metal-archives). They certainly live up to their name, there is no false advertising here. Slow are a prolific band, this is their ninth album since their debut in 2009 (although _IV - Mythologiæ_ has been released three times, so perhaps seven is more accurate). My first exposure to them was 2017's _V - Oceans_, which was a great album, and 2019's _VI - Dantalion_ was if anything even more crushing. They now return with a new series of albums (dropping the roman numeral prefix instead opting for a suffix which probably means there are more albums named _Abîmes_ coming). If you're a fan of funeral doom you'll do well to pick this up, it's (again) slow, crushing, and suffocating, namely to say it's pretty much everything you'd ever want from an album in the genre. [Slow on Encyclopaedia Metallum]( ---