Subject: 3: Taubrą - Therizo From: .jh Date: 2023-12-21T17:16:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2023 Taubrą 2023 ![Therizo](/gfx/1172842.jpg) Therizo is Taubrą's debut album and it's been one of my most played albums since it came out in mid-October. While it should probably have been obvious, I hadn't reflected over who was in the band until now when I looked over their metal-archives page, if I had, I would probably have been less surprised by how much I liked it given that it features two members of Aara and the drummer of Porta Nigra, who careful readers will know have been favourite bands in years past. Musically Taubrą isn't breaking any new ground, as it's squarely in second wave Scandinavian territory, but as so often is the case doing something ridiculously well is often good enough: the riffing is blistering and melodic, the drums furious and precise, the roars are cavernous. Everything one could hope for from this sort of album. [Taubrą on Encyclopaedia Metallum](ą/3540531236) ---