Subject: 2: Sühnopfer - Nous sommes d'hier From: .jh Date: 2023-12-22T17:30:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2023 Sühnopfer 2023 ![Nous sommes d'hier](/gfx/1153097.jpg) Billed as Baroque blackmetal, I was wholly unfamiliar with Sühnopfer until this years release. However after giving it a single spin I immediately ordered it. It's very much in the vein of many other medieval blackmetal like countrymen Véhémence, Aorlhac, or Ferriterium and not unlike Switzerland's Ungfell. It's aggressive, fast, and sickeningly sweet and melodic. Compared to 2019's _Hic regnant Borbonii manes_ the sound is cleaner and crisper but perhaps lacks some of the depth which it's predecessor had. Would have been interesting to hear this with just a bit more dirt in the production, would probably have dulled some of those melodies but without necessarily diminishing their value. Regardless of those issues this is a great album which I find myself returning to over and over again. Do yourself a favour and pick this up immediately. [Sühnopfer on Encyclopaedia Metallum](ühnopfer/25615) ---