Subject: 10: Olde Throne - In The Land Of Ghosts From: .jh Date: 2023-12-14T20:45:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2023 Olde\ Throne 2023 ![In The Land Of Ghosts](/gfx/1119872.jpg) Olde Throne's sophomore album _In The Land Of Ghosts_ comes just a year after their impressive debut _An Gorta Mór_, whereas it dealt with the Irish Potato Famine, _In The Land Of Ghosts_ gives us as the title alludes to a series of (Scottish) ghost stories. Not straying very far from their formula of mid-paced atmospheric blackmetal we get a well executed album intermingled with some local (read Scottish) folk elements and instruments, but without losing any of it's intensity. The guitars are sharp and raw, and vocals are caustic. There is much here to like and very little to complain about. Great second album from this New Zealand duo, looking forward to what comes next. [Olde Throne on Encyclopaedia Metallum]( ---