Subject: 1: Aara - Triade III: Nyx From: .jh Date: 2023-12-23T15:26:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2023 Aara 2023 ![Triade III: Nyx](/gfx/1109960.jpg) According to the stats _Triade III: Nyx_ was my most played album of 2023 which given how early in the year it came out isn't a huge surprise but should show how much holding power this album has had on me this year. There are years when something unexpected comes out late in the year and steals the show however as of the time of writing this nothing has even come close. I have enjoyed all parts of their trilogy of _Melmoth the Wanderer_, but I think they really outdid themselves with the final chapter. The production is a bit warmer and clearer than on _Hemera_ and has lost most of the rawness one could hear in part on on _Eos_ I can only assume this was purposefully done, but it does mean the three albums don't quite flow as a whole (or rather making each part distinct), again perhaps this is the point, this isn't even a complaint less an observation. It will be interesting to see where Aara goes now that they've completed this project, given their history and how much I've enjoyed everything they've released I'm fairly certain I'll be writing about them again. [Aara on Encyclopaedia Metallum]( ---