Subject: 8: Ateiggär - Tyrannemord From: .jh Date: 2022-12-18T13:54:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2022 Ateiggär Tyrannemord 2022 ![Tyrannemord](/gfx/1062902.jpg) A friend recommended this album to me and it stuck immediately, as sort of a theme of my list this year it seems, it wasn't until a few weeks later that I realized that the two people behind Ateiggär are the same two who are behind Ungfell (which our intrepid readers will remember from last years list). In hindsight it makes sense as both bands belong to the "Helvetic Underground Committee", and the vocals especially are rather familiar. That is probably where the similarities end though, Ateiggär hark back to an earlier era of blackmetal with plenty of tasteful keyboards (think early Satyricon), and at times some soaring vocals. While the latter would normally be a non-starter for me they are again done tastefully and sparingly so it never kills the mood. This is a great little album which pulls at all the right nostalgic muscles. [Ateiggär on Encyclopaedia Metallum](är/3540458945) ---