Subject: 7: Véhémence - Ordalies From: .jh Date: 2022-12-19T15:58:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2022 Véhémence Ordalies 2022 ![Ordalies](/gfx/1009295.jpg) Véhémence is a medieval inspired blackmetal band, which a quick glance at the cover quickly confirms. I slept on their 2019 album _Par le sang versé_ which in hindsight was excellent, so I'm happy to not make the same mistake here again. Véhémence straddles this fine line where they incorporate just enough let's call it epic pieces without it spilling over and becoming cheesy. There are times where I wish they'd pulled back a bit on some of the soaring cleanish vocals, but then they burst out and you tend to forgive and forget for a bit. It's a minor quibble because the song writing and execution is so good you cannot help but like it. [Véhémence on Encyclopaedia Metallum](éhémence/3540399658) ---