Subject: 2: Jordfäst - Av Stoft From: .jh Date: 2022-12-24T15:00:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2022 Jordfäst Av\ Stoft 2022 ![Av Stoft](/gfx/1066872.jpg) Last year when I included Jordfäst's first album _Hädanefter_ I said I was curious what would come next. Well I didn't have to wait long as it only took them 17 months to get their second album out. Like last year's album it's again just two longer compositions (clocking in at just over 30 minutes), musically we're in the same realm as before although especially on the first track they've clearly kicked the tempo up a notch. The riffing while not wholly different from the debut is stronger, and most notably on the first track almost thrashier yet at times giving way to a gloomier almost doomy feel. Vocals are quite varied, well enunciated (no change here), and pretty high up in the mix making it hard not to follow along in the stories they tell (this is one of few albums this year where the lyrics are in a language I know). So while much remains the same, there have been improvements in both composition and production values, this is a ridiculously impressive sophomore release and infectious like few other releases this year, I am constantly finding these riffs just churning in my head forcing me to put down whatever I'm doing and pressing play yet again. [Jordfäst on Encyclopaedia Metallum](äst/3540486394) ---