Subject: 5: Aorlhac - Pierres Brûlées From: .jh Date: 2021-12-24T10:43:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2021 Aorlhac Pierres\ Brûlées 2021 ![Pierres Brûlées](/gfx/958676.jpg) Another repeat on my list is Aorlhac coming at us here with _Pierres Brûlées_ (which every time I see the name I cannot stop thinking of the desert). Stylistically and sound wise not much as changed since their previous album _L'esprit des vents_ although production here is a tad bit fuller and warmer. So just like on their previous album this is very melodic but the riffs are sharp and new drummer K.H. keeps things interesting with solid blast beats and fills. The one complaint one can have here is that there really isn't a ton of variation here, the songs while each individually great do sound quite similar. However as I often say this is a fairly small quibble, especially if you like this type of blackmetal, in which case all you need to hit play again. [Aorlhac]( ---