Subject: 4: Ferriterium - Calvaire From: .jh Date: 2021-12-24T10:45:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2021 Ferriterium Calvaire 2021 ![Calvaire](/gfx/915281.jpg) I really liked Ferriterium's last album _Le Dernier Livre_ so I was excited to see this one come out early this year. Ferriterium like countrymen Aorlhac or Cenotaphe have an almost Québécois sound to them; raging and pretty raw but at the same time strongly melodic black metal. So is it here on _Calvaire_, we get four songs here but still clocking in at a respectable 43 minutes, so despite each song except the second hitting the ten minute mark you never really notice it. There is really no fat on this album, every note has it's purpose and place and it's right there where it should be. Vocals are passionately delivered with ferocious howling. Production is nice and crisp and given the tempo most of the album goes at this ensures that you can actually enjoy all the nuances this delivers. This is a step up from the previous, great, album at this rate it's hard to know where he'll go next, all I do know is I can't wait. [Ferriterium]( ---