Subject: 3: Gaerea - Limbo From: .jh Date: 2020-12-18T19:56:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2020 Gaerea Limbo ![Limbo](/gfx/848652.jpg) _Limbo_ rather aptly comes slithering at us with opener _To Ain_, but once it finally burst out fully is when you perhaps appreciate the richness of the modern and punchy production. While guitars are front and center there are some interesting interludes in for example in the opening track where for several minutes vocals and drums are almost alone with a discordant guitar picking along before giving way to a lead and before the song picks back up again. As the songs are all on the longer side these pieces ensure the listeners mind never really wanders, but is simply swallowed up. Vocals are another integral part of this album, changing ever so slightly depending on the circumstances, while they're generally suitably agonized they do range up to the shrill and piercing, down do a lower barking, and then further to an almost monkish chant. Yet another display of how well thought out this album is, nothing feels left to chance, but planned out to the nth degree. This is probably why I've been unable to put this down since I got it, truly one of years greatest albums. [Gaerea]( ---