Subject: 2: Porta Nigra - Schöpfungswut From: .jh Date: 2020-12-19T20:15:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2020 Porta\ Nigra Schöpfungswut ![Schöpfungswut](/gfx/806672.jpg) As _Schöpfungswut_ came out way back on January 17th, a time when most of us had only heard rumours of a new cough spreading in Asia, it's not hard to believe this is my most listened to album of 2020. Reading reviews of Porta Nigra albums is always interesting as they've changed quite a bit over the years it seems inevitable that every review bemoans the change in direction. So while there is no doubt that with _Schöpfungswut_ Porta Nigra have clearly taken a step into the blackmetal mainstream I don't necessarily mourn too much of the old ultra avant-garde, sure it made albums like _Kaiserschnitt_ and even more so _Fin de Siècle_ artistically interesting but I do feel that the music is more well put together these days. When I feel nostalgic I can always go back to the olden releases. The production is also warmer and more well rounded whereas on the previous albums especially the vocals had a habit of sticking out just a bit too much. In short this is a great album of solid second wave blackmetal, highly recommended. [Porta Nigra]( ---