Subject: 4: Mephorash - Shem Ha Mephorash From: .jh Date: 2019-12-14T14:51:00Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2019 Mephorash Shem\ Ha\ Mephorash ![Shem Ha Mephorash](/gfx/760802.jpg) While Mephorash have been around for a while now it wasn't really until 2015's _1557 - Rites of Nullification_ that things started getting interesting. Now they've stepped their game up one more level with the release of _Shem Ha Mephorash_. One should caution that this is a long album, coming in at a massive 74 minute, luckily however with the exception of perhaps a few passages when your mind might start to wander the album uses it's long form to it's advantages using the time to build up the songs and often left me wanting more. This is especially true on the two final tracks, the majestic _777: Third Woe_ (which was released as an EP last year already) and then the massive fifteen minute final track which leaves you salivating for more well before it's over. Mephorash have truly stepped up here so I for one cannot wait for whatever comes next. [Mephorash]( ---