Subject: 9: Uada - Cult of a Dying Sun From: .jh Date: 2018-12-16T15:31:45Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2018 Uada Cult\ of\ a\ Dying\ Sun 2018 ![Cult of a Dying Sun](/gfx/704732.jpg) Unlike yesterday's entrant Uada I'd heard of but never payed attention to. So when their new album came out to much fanfare this year I picked it up and it's hard not to love t he thing. While I'm generally wary of mid-paced blackmetal they actually have the riffs to sustain it. The first few tracks especially soar and are ridiculously catchy. Now a ll that said at times it's a bit much, the riffs are so saccharine after having listened to the whole thing I feel a bit uneasy. The doctor said my blood sugar was quite elevated but once I cut this album out I was back to being ok again. Basically an album you need to take in, in limited quantities unless you want to keel over. [Uada]( ---