Subject: 5: Det Eviga Leendet - Lenience From: .jh Date: 2018-12-20T12:26:20Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2018 Det\ Eviga\ Leendet Lenience 2018 ![Lenience](/gfx/742247.jpg) I had never heard of Det Eviga Leendet before and if Encyclopaedia Metallum is to be believed that would make sense as they're a new band and _Lenience_ is their first album. For a debut it's surprisingly strong and bleak affair. One can probably pigeonhole this as mostly atmosphereic black metal, but thinking of it only as such probably does everyone a disservice as it blend of industrial, post-metal, and ambient parts really make this hard to define. The vocals are caustic, so much that they might be too much for some, but I like the desperation they lend the songs. In many ways the album builds up and each song is in some ways better than the previous ones, with the two closing tracks being the best ones. It will be interesting to see what they come up with after such a debut. [Det Eviga Leendet]( ---