Subject: 5: Selbst - Selbst From: .jh Date: 2017-12-16T15:59:09Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2017 Selbst 2017 ![Selbst](/gfx/645644.jpg) After a demo and a couple of splits Selbst brings us their self-titled debut, and as far as debuts goes there isn't much to compain about here. The sound is nice and sharp, one can quibble about the vocals being perhaps a bit high in the mix, but that is a minor one given how nicely the rest generally fits it. Subgenre is hard to pin down on this one, the songs sparawl all over the map, from at times atmospheric to blistering furious. Needless to say one needs to keep an eye on Selbst. [Selbst]( ---