Subject: 3: Bestia Arcana - Holókauston From: .jh Date: 2017-12-18T12:18:26Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2017 Bestia\ Arcana Holókauston 2017 ![Holókauston](/gfx/628299.jpg) 2017 it seems was the year of long form, like yesterday's entrant Bestia Arcana comes at us with _Holókauston_ consisting of four tracks clocking in at a bit over 40 minutes. Now while it becomes obvious from the first chord Bestia Arcana is essentially a Nightbringer side project sharing two current and one former member with them. So if you like Nightbringer and their assorted projects there is a lot to like here. Perhaps most spectacularly they managed to release this within two weeks of the new Nightbringer album, releasing one such beast of an album alone is utterly impressive, releasing two in short order (and let's not forget last years Akhlys release) is close to preternatural. If complex uncompromising blackmetal is your thing, then this is the album for you. [Bestia Arcana]( ---