Subject: 4: Misery Index - The Killing Gods From: .jh Date: 2014-12-26T10:44:12Z Tags: music blog best\ of best\ of\ 2014 Misery\ Index The\ Killing\ Gods 2014 ![The Killing Gods](/gfx/404768.jpg) Misery Index are near and dear to my heart and they rarely disappoint. With _The Killing Gods_ they once again up the ante. If there is something that needs to be said is that sound wise they've never sounded better, all you want to do is keep turning up the volume, it's the best sounding album they've produced to date. It's also I think the most even, the whole album flows very nicely and there are really no weak songs on this album. This is perhaps the only minor quibble I'd have is that there are no stand out tracks either, there is no obvious romper like _You Lose_ here but first five tracks which collectively make up the song _Faust_ might have a slight edge on the rest. Nonetheless this is an absolute monster of an album which I just can't quit. [Misery Index]( ---