Subject: Major Psychotic Fucking Hatreds From: .jh Date: 2009-12-02T22:47:54Z Tags: hate George\ Carlin cars driving traffic blog 2009 I'm not really a sentimental guy but I've come to realize if I miss anybody it's George Carlin. On an almost daily basis I quote some obscure joke, or interrupt somebody to go off on some random Carlin related tangent. So when I'm about to write a post about pet peeves concerning traffic I of course realize that just like George, I don't have pet peeves I have major psychotic fucking hatreds. --- So in no particular order: It's not the fast lane, it's the passing lane. Please use it appropriately - yes I'm talking to you with the Maryland tags. Merging. Seriously people this isn't very hard, if you merge like a zipper (google this if you don't get it) you can essentially merge at speed. Blocking the box, if a cop sees you do this, he should be authorized to shoot you dead on the spot. There is no excuse, and if you have kids in the car he can shoot those too; parents were probably too busy yelling at them to pay attention to the road. Passive aggressive driving, aka keeping traffic behind you at the speed you think they should be traveling at. Like above, let's kill these fuckers right now.