3: Spektr - The Art To Disappear

2016-12-18 06:52:49 by johan

The Art To Disappear Spektr probably has more detractors than fans; straddling black metal, industrial and ambient you're bound to never fully satisfy any individual fanbase. With The Art To Disappear Spektr have made their most accessible album to date (not that this necessarily means much in the given context), there are long periods of fairly standard fare black metal, then inevitably punctuated by ambient interludes and industrial noise. My main complaint is that it's a bit too polished and clean feeling, a nice dirty dose of chaos would probably have put this album over the top.



1: Spektr - Cypher

2013-12-24 06:33:34 by johan

Cypher My first encounter with Spektr was with their second full length Near Death Experience, when I heard it I thought it had potential but it wasn't quite there. There were times when it was a frustrating listen because they built up to something only to let it peter out into industrial noise, which don't get me wrong is mostly what they're all about, but they mixed in just enough black metal to get you hooked and then they yanked it all away. With Cypher I think some of that has been resolved, this is much more a musical album than an album of various noises, while I'm sure the true industrial fans are distraught I think they've managed to get the right mix for an excellent, if still complex and demanding album.