3: Belphegor - Blood Magick Necromance

2011-12-13 05:05:40 by johan

Blood Magick Necromance Belphegor was a band that I had given up hope on, after 2003's stunning Lucifer Incestus came a string of disappointing albums featuring a combination of subpar song writing and an often flat and uninspiring production. So when I read that they'd released a new album this year I was ready to dismiss it. Mark my surprise when I started listening to Blood Magick Necromance, this was back in Lucifer Incestus territory again, well written and catchy songs together with a sharp and punchy production. It always comforting when a band manages to redeem themselves like this, it means there is some hope after all for those bands that have released great albums only to subsequently never be able to live up to it.