3: Ashencult / Mephorash - Opus Serpens

2013-12-22 07:58:54 by johan

Opus Serpens Ashencult is a band that's been on my radar since last years great Black Flame Gnosis, so as soon as I heard this was coming out I had my pre-order for the vinyl in. It's been spinning relentlessly ever since. Their track is a mostly mid tempo affair of great old school black metal. Much like last year's album this isn't necessarily breaking any new ground but once again the execution and fire is all there, and that takes you a long way. Mephorash was a band I was unfamiliar with but their track on this split stands up quite well, although I could have done without the spoken word passages. Otherwise it melds well with the Ashencult track giving the split a nice consistent sound. Overall a great little split.


Ashencult   Mephorash

9: Ashencult - Black Flame Gnosis

2012-12-16 06:47:18 by johan

Ashencult Logo Ashencult like Blodhemn previously comes as breath of stale 90's air, there is ample Scandinavian black metal worship here to go around, however at times it breaks with this and we get a whiff of contemporary American black metal. Hence there is more here than just nostalgia, the album is fairly strong with quite a few memorable riffs and songs, and as such it's graced my playlist many a times this year since it was released. Looking forward to see what develops next.