1: Blut Aus Nord - 777 - Sect(s)

2011-12-15 04:16:11 by johan

777 - Sect(s) I feel slightly uncomfortable including this album, it's the first of three of a trilogy, part two has already been released (part 3 is due out in 2012), and it seems pretty clear that all three are meant to be a single album, so reviewing just one third seems unfair. However they are released as separate albums and as such I decided they were fair game. As with all Blut Aus Nord albums there are aspects to love and hate here, there are times I think it gets a bit too soft, but for every part that you might not like they come back in spades with their very special brand of black metal that blows most other bands away. As truly amazing as this album is I think once part three gets released and we get to experience the full trilogy, that's when this will really come to shine as perhaps one of the greatest albums in a long time.


Blut Aus Nord