1: Nightbringer - Ego Dominus Tuus

2014-12-26 02:44:17 by johan

Ego Dominus Tuus Nightbringer is another band I've followed since their inception, and they've never done me wrong. Every release simply gets better and better. Last year's EP Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno was just two songs but those two songs where better than what most bands produce in a lifetime. This year they return with a full length and they do not disappoint. An absolutely crushing release of complex black metal that they do best. Immediately it's clear what you're listening to, they've got a sound like no other, and there is never mistaking a Nightbringer riff. This is a tour de force which few can match but if only a few tried the music scene would be all the richer for it.



2: Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole

2014-12-26 02:44:16 by johan

Nothing But The Whole On the heels of one strange album comes the next: Emptiness' Nothing But The Whole. It's dark, brooding, partially ambient and then a little industrial; it's nothing short of brilliant. The songs are strangely memorable for being the amalgamations they at times seem to be. The only flaw I find with this album is that it ends, and that rather abruptly, when you get an album like this you really don't want it to end.



3: Thantifaxath - Sacred White Noise

2014-12-26 02:44:15 by johan

Sacred White Noise When putting this on the first thing you notice is the huge departure in sound from their self-titled EP. They've taken that, twisted it and ran with it. What you end up with is otherworldly, odd, and utterly hard to describe. This album is a rare one, find it (preferably on vinyl), and just let is wash over you. You'll be mesmerized and will never want it to end.



4: Misery Index - The Killing Gods

2014-12-26 02:44:12 by johan

The Killing Gods Misery Index are near and dear to my heart and they rarely disappoint. With The Killing Gods they once again up the ante. If there is something that needs to be said is that sound wise they've never sounded better, all you want to do is keep turning up the volume, it's the best sounding album they've produced to date. It's also I think the most even, the whole album flows very nicely and there are really no weak songs on this album. This is perhaps the only minor quibble I'd have is that there are no stand out tracks either, there is no obvious romper like You Lose here but first five tracks which collectively make up the song Faust might have a slight edge on the rest. Nonetheless this is an absolute monster of an album which I just can't quit.


Misery Index

5: Darkspace - III I

2014-12-25 05:26:16 by johan

III I Six years after III Darkspace return with III I (not really sure why III I and not IV but then I know nothing). First track, 4.18, clocks in at an astounding 27 minutes, so you're in for quite the ride. Remaining tracks are shorter each only taking up 18 minutes of your day. The sound seems a bit mellower than on III with the vocals being shifted back a bit in the mix and generally more muffled than on the previous release. That said this is by no stretch of the imagination an easy listen, it demands your full attention and you should give it.



6: Blut Aus Nord - Memorial Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry

2014-12-24 12:48:13 by johan

Memorial Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry The long running series of Memorial Vetusta albums has always been a fan favourite with it's more predictable black metal sound. While I like and appreciate the more experimental stuff you find especially in the 777 trilogy this does sound and feel like a natural sound for Blut Aus Nord. It's often quite beautiful and sweeping, and while I don't often comment on it the artwork needs mention here, it's a astounding piece. If you've not already done it, do yourself and pick this up.


Blut Aus Nord

7: Satanic Warmaster - Fimbulwinter

2014-12-24 12:48:11 by johan

Fimbulwinter Satanic Warmaster is one of those bands I've heard lots about, not all of it good, but which for whatever reason I've never really investigated. I had heard a few random songs over the years but never enough to grab my attention, so when I stumbled upon this album while browsing bandcamp one day my expectations were quite low; but it's quite the romper of melodic black metal. At times it reminds me of older Norwegian black metal with it's heavy keyboards passages. Solid release which one has a tendency to keep coming back to.


Satanic Warmaster

8: Krieg - Transient

2014-12-24 12:48:09 by johan

Transient I've always had a soft spot for Krieg, ever since Rise of The Imperial Hordes 16 years later he's is still at it and while the sound has changed rather dramatically over the years one can always be sure it'll be an interesting listen. Now that said, I do feel that this album for the first time in a long time has quite a few similarities to the very early stuff. There is more old black metal with that punk vibe you got on Rise of The Imperial Hordes than in quite a few albums. All things that make this old black metal hand happy.



9: Funereal Presence - The Archer Takes Aim

2014-12-24 12:48:07 by johan

The Archer Takes Aim I found Funereal Presence after reading an interview with a member or Nightbringer. That was enough of an endorsement to check them out, and I'm glad I did. Great little piece strange black metal. It's a release that takes some getting used to, there are some very strange parts and the vocals can at times be a turn off. If he'd skipped out the clean vocal parts (which are often weird and don't add much) this album would have garnered a higher placement on this list. All in all the songs are generally solid but could have used some better editing. I'll be keeping an eye on them in the future.


Funereal Presence

10: Woods of Desolation - As The Stars

2014-12-24 12:48:03 by johan

As The Stars Not being overly familiar with Woods of Desolation this was an interesting find, one can probably classify this as somewhere in the realm between atmospheric and depressive black metal with a dose of post rock. All in all it's seven mid-paced songs with just enough melody to hook you and keep you interested. Like many bands in this genre it's great background music for reading or working. I'll be checking out their back catalog next.


Woods of Desolation