Short ride - 2013-09-11 - 30 km - 68.18 minutes

2013-09-13 12:16:52 by johan

In lieu of running while my foot is acting up I've been taking some shorter rides during my days downtown.

Approximate route


Shining The Eerie Cold
Dark Funeral An Apprentice of Satan
Edge of Sanity Blood Of My Enemies
Emperor Ye Entrancemperium
Setherial Towards Thy Realm
Puteraeon Children of Dagon
Guns N' Roses You Could Be Mine
Deathspell Omega Succubus of All Vices
Misery Index Pulling Out The Nails
Lifelover Saltvatten
Absu Magic(k) Square Cipher
Behexen Black Metal Baptism
Shining For The God Below

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