Short ride - 2013-07-20 - 48.1 km - 109.49 minutes

2013-07-20 21:12:07 by johan

I generally don't post about my bicycle rides, because I rarely ride solo which means there is no playlist. Today however I did and there is. As the weather has been keeping me from running by either monsooning or baking I've been riding a lot to try to keep at least some semblance of shape and form. Today was hardly my finest moment, but it beats sitting on the couch.

Approximate route


Merrimack Gospel Of The Void
Abyssic Hate Depression - Part I
Dying Fetus Justifiable Homicide
Marduk Beast of Prey
Deicide To Be Dead
Dark Funeral Open The Gates
Absu From Ancient Times
Lifelover Humörets Bottenvåning
Aeon Aftermath
Ashencult Dark Law / Black Fires of Chaos
Waning Population Control
Anaal Nathrakh Incipid Flock
Puteraeon Flesh Architect
Relevant Few Is There No Hope
Taetre Paint It Black
Blut Aus Nord Epitome XVI
Blut Aus Nord Epitome XVIII
Burzum Æra (Honour)
Dark Funeral The Arrival Of Satan's Empire
Deathspell Omega Obombration
Blut Aus Nord Day Of Revenge (The Impure Blood of Theirs)
Facing Death Wargod Of Hate

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