Short run - 2013-06-27 - 8.4 km -43.52 minutes

2013-06-29 08:59:33 by johan

Despite an early start it was terribly hot and humid out there, after about 8 km I felt some rather sharp pain in my calf and had to end a bit earlier than expected.

Approximate route


Taetre My Lament
Belphegor Diaboli Birthus in Lumbar Est
Cryptopsy Carrionshine
Anaal Nathrakh In The Constellation Of The Black Widow
Grindnecks Dead By Dawn
Dark Funeral Enriched By Evil
Obscura Septuagint
Dying Fetus Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog
The Crown Total Satan
The Crown 1999: Revolution 666
Nile What May Safely Be Written
Naglfar Blades

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