Short run - 2013-06-09 - 16.3 km - 86.58 minutes

2013-06-11 15:28:57 by johan

Pretty miserable out there but at least it got done, time still needs improving.

Approximate route


Obscura Septuagint
Misery Index You Lose
Marduk Baptism By Fire
Hate Eternal King of All Kings
Anaal Nathrakh Of Fire, and Fucking Pigs
Anaal Nathrakh Le Diabolique Est L'ami Du Simple
Impaled Nazarene Masterbator
Naglfar A Swarm Of Plagues
Misery Index The Living Shall Envy The Dead
Anaal Nathrakh The Technogoat
Sargeist Let The Devil In
Ulver II
Taetre Paint It Black
Anaal Nathrakh Paragon Pariah
Brutal Thruth Walking Corpse
Anaal Nathrakh Do Not Speak
Vile Depopulate
Apocalyptica Hall Of The Mountain King
Anaal Nathrakh Lama Sabachthani
Sargeist Empire of Suffering
The Crown Total Satan
The Crown At The End
Taetre My Lament
Nasum Feed Them, Kill Them, Skin Them
Dying Fetus Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog

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