Short run - 2013-06-01 - 15.6 km - 85.08 minutes

2013-06-01 06:28:39 by johan

Making the distance now, just need to keep picking up the pace even though this wasn't half bad for my second 10-miler this year.

Really have to add some more songs to my playlist though ...

Approximate route


Watain Storm of the Antichrist
Kult ov Azazel Mark of the Devil
Anaal Nathrakh Paragon Pariah
Lock Up Violent Reprisal
Ulver VIII
Taetre My Lament
Misery Index Ruling Class Canceled
The Crown At The End
The Crown Satanist
Obscura Septuagint
The Crown Death Metal Holocaust
Myrkskog Domain Of The Superior
Thy Serpent Christcrusher
Sargeist Empire of Suffering
Belphegor The Goatchrist
Naglfar Breath Through Me
Grindnecks Dead By Dawn
Vader The Innermost Ambience
Anaal Nathrakh Tod Huetet Uebel
Relevant Few Is There No Hope?
Arghoslent Swill of the Knaves
Lost Soul My Kingdom
Apocalyptica Hall of the Mountain King
Anaal Nathrakh Terror In The Mind Of God
1349 Nathicana

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