Short run - 2013-06-15 - 11.2 km - 54.59 minutes

2013-06-15 09:05:21 by johan

Miserable out there again but at least it got done.

Approximate route


Ulver VIII
Brutal Thruth Walking Corpse
Defleshed Blood Brigade
Impaled Nazarenel Kohta Ei Naura Ennn Jesuskaan
Setherial Towards Thy Realm
Rotten Sound Burden
Anaal Nathrakh The Supreme Necrotic Audnance
Axis Of Light I
The Crown The Poison
The Legion Impious Gathering
Obscura Vortex Omnivium
Anaal Nathrakh Blood Eagles Carved On The Backs of Innocents
Apocalyptica Hall of the Mountain King
The Crown Satanist
Anaal Nathrakh Terror In THe Mind Of God
Deströyer666 A Thousand Plagues

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