Short run - 2013-05-27 - 11.7 km - 57.27 minutes

2013-05-27 08:05:30 by johan

Nice morning, good pace, now I just need to increase the distance while keeping this pace up.

Approximate route


Dark Funeral The Arrival of Satan's Empire
At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul
The Deviant Merciless
Obitus 21st Century Terror State
Anaal Nathrakh Do Not Speak
Nile What May Safely Be Written
Sargeist Empire of Suffering
Nasum Fatal Search
The Crown Total Satan
Dying Fetus Pissing In The Mainstream
Lock Up After Life In Purgatory
Anaal Nathrakh Tod Huetet Uebel
Ulver II
1349 Buried by Time and Dust
Defleshed Blood Brigade

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