Short run - 2013-05-15 - 10.0 km - 55.58 minutes

2013-05-15 18:24:18 by johan

Too damn hot out there, but at least it went a bit faster than last time

Approximate route


At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul
Immortal Battles In The North
Anaal Nathrakh In The Constellation of the Black Widow
Anaal Nathrakh The Technogoat
Stormtroopers of Death Three Dirty Needles
Defleshed Blood Brigade
Obitus Endless Dark Tormentors
Arghoslent Swill of the Knaves
Anaal Nathrakh Le Diabolique Est L'Ami Simple
Anaal Nathrakh Paragon Pariah
Misery Index You Lose
Anaal Nathrakh Terror In The Mind of God
Obitus The Endless Void
Hate Eternal King of All Kings
The Crown Death Explosion
Belphegor The Goatchrist
Lock Up Violent Reprisal
Misery Index The Living Shall Envy the Dead
Anaal Nathrakh The Supreme Necrotic Audance

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