Short run - 2013-04-17 - 8.6 km - 50.26 minutes

2013-04-17 16:27:05 by johan

A little better than last time at least.

Approximate route


Misery Index You Lose
Stormtroopers of Death Three Dirty Needles
Anaal Nathrakh Pandemonic Hyperblast
Anaal Nathrakh The Technogoat
Apocalyptica Hall of the Mountain King
Deströyer 666 A Thousand Plagues
The Crown 1999: Revolution 666
Dark Funeral 666 Voices Inside
Sargeist Let The Devil In
Setherial Towards Thy Realm
Defleshed Pick Your Poison
Anaal Nathrakh Blood Eagles Carved On The Backs of Innocents
Lock Up Leech Eclipse
Arghoslent Swill of the Knaves
Defleshed Fast Forward
War Satan
The Crown Satanist

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