Short run - 2011-04-03 - 8.7 km / 5.4 miles - 47.59 minutes

2011-04-14 17:55:41 by johan

After some time off (and a few runs I forgot to document) legs are starting to feel better, still some residual pain, but it's getting better each time.

Approximate route


Deathspell Omega Devouring Famine
Obitus 21st Century Terror State
Hate Eternal King Of All Kings
Belphegor The Goatchrist
Belphegor Sado Messiah
Anaal Nathrakh More Of Fire Than Blood
Dark Funeral King Antichrist
The Crown At The End
Lock Up Broken World
Vile Depopulate
The Crown 1999: Revolution 666
Impaled Nazarene Masterbator
Rotten Sound Nation
Watain Reaping Death

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