Short run - 2011-03-07 - 10.2 km / 6.35 miles - 61.12 minutes

2011-03-08 07:56:04 by johan

Now that the weather is finally starting to cooperate I've finally managed to get out and do a few shorter runs. Ever now and then I'll post the results and the playlist for that days run.

Approximate route


Misery Index You Lose
Anaal Nathrakh Blood Eagles Carved On The Backs Of Innocents
Lock Up Broken World
Taetre Paint It Black
Hate Eternal King of All Kings
Anaal Nathrakh In The Constellation Of The Black Widow
Sargeist Let The Devil In
Lock Up Violent Reprisal
Apocalyptica Hall Of The Mountain King
Defleshed Blood Brigade
Stormtroopers Of Death Shenanigans
Anaal Nathrakh Between Shit And Piss We Are Born
Misery Index Angst Isst Die Seele
Obitus 21st Century Terror State
Vader The Innermost Ambience
Rotten Sound Burden
The Crown Death Metal Holocaust
Lock Up Leech Eclipse
Lock Up After Live In Purgatory
Defleshed Pick Your Poison
Kult Ov Azazel Hang The Pope
Dark Funeral 666 Voices Inside

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